Peter Lyons

CDMX Tuesday

June 08, 2023

I brought my wet shoes up to the roof terrace of WeWork and managed to say something like "mis zappatos. La lluvia. El sol." to the maintenance staff lady in hopes that it would be OK for me to leave them in the sun most of the day. It worked out fine and they were dry by mid afternoon.

After work we had another airbnb experience with the same 2 hosts Juan Carlo and Tanya. They took us an a street taco tour to 2 different carts then some fried plantains. The tacos were really tasty but it was just way too much food for me. Then they escorted us to the arena and gave us some mascaras so we could go watch Lucha Libre.

It was super fun and an amazing show. Afterward I walked home and had some pretty severe digestive issues which was super unpleasant but it eventually passed. I suspect some of the raw veggie toppings on the tacos like onions and tomatoes are the most likely primary factor, but it was also just a lot of food and social anxiety probably also factored in.

Photos (whole trip)