Peter Lyons

The Stretch of Vitality

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Saratoga Springs
Woodworking 101
Italy Vacation
CDMX Wednesday
CDMX Tuesday
CDMX Monday
CDMX Sunday
CDMX Saturday
Visiting Colorado
El Paso
Andy Fusco
Drawers of Struggle
Jamming Out
Mo Pho
Music Box Village
St Charles
Jumbo Shrimp
Hi Ho
Willie Mae's
Geaux Tigers
Turris Omnia
Europe Trip
So Much Stuff
A Good Day
Thanksgiving Catch-up Post
New Klezmer
NYC Arrival
Cirque of the Dead
Quick Thoughts: Eldo Pool
Tour de Fours 2017
Head First
HonkTx 2016
True False Film Festival 2016
GGO and general update
Switching from rdio to Google Play Music
2015 climbing and music
Singapore and JSConf Asia
Weekdays in Chiang Mai
Chiang Mai Apartment
Chiang Mai Arrival
Last Week in Railay
Railay Scrambling and Climbing
First Railay Climb
Wading to Paradise
Wat Pho
Chinatown Food Tour
Bangkok Arrival
Summer Catch-Up Post
Balkan Camp and NodeConf
Honk Fest West 2014
Apogaea 2014
Fruita MTB Trip 3
Honk!Tx 2014
Mixing it up in 2014
Music Blitz
Too Much Typing Disease
Dim Sum and Dragon Boats
The Unjudging of Dad
Apogaea 2013
San Francisco May 2013
Fruita 2013
Crossfit Evolution Complete
Turkey Cake with Strangers from the Internet
Sick of February
Cirque Side of the Moon
Climbing and Vietnamese
Weekend of music
Aerial performance video
First date bar hopping
Honey I shrunk the car
2013 update
Good Saturday
October Mustache Report
Thirty Four
Bouncing Birthday
Tour de Fat
March Fourth
Mohonk Lake and Opus 40
Family Reunion
Mustache Report
Conundrum Hot Springs Backpacking
Trail 401
Best Month Ever
Whirlwind Weekend
That's what I call a Sunday
CoiL Fundraiser
Stump Jumper
Binge Report
Fruita Trip
Circus of Illumination
Super Saturday
Just Try It
Turtle Dove Completa
House of Air
Boomeranging back to Cali
New Gig
Love Is In the Air. Cars Are In the Snow.
SF Climbing and Coding
San Francisco Walkabout
San Francisco getting started
Yet another whirlwind weekend in progress
Epic Weekend
Create Beauty, Don’t Avoid Ugliness
Exercise due to clumsiness
Optimal Thanksgiving?
Advanced Beginner
The Afronauts in Denver tomorrow
Aerials, M4, Halloween Blitz
Aerial Fabric, gigging at Shug's
ÜberBoulder Friday
Great but busy Thursday
A peek into my use of Rhapsody
TEDx and Turtle Dove
Oktoberfest and Gora Gora Orkestar
Cousin Dr. Annie gets hitched
Burning Man 2011: Rites of Passage
Lots of saxophone
Recording, Gigging, Mohawk
Jersey Visit Continued
Jersey Shore
Hot Time, Summer in the City
Pretty Good Sunday
NJ Visit
Afronauts Boulder Debut
Afronauts debut
What I've Been Up To
Wicked Wiggling in San Francisco
All day Boulder
Dirt Bike Alley
Movie Report
Cousins Ski Weekend
Now are the good days
Spinning up
Basement Rehearsal Studio Lives!
Slim and Trim
Rejecting the Idea of Rejecting Ideas
Wow. Good.
2011 Life Reset
Golden Gate Bridge
San Francisco Visit
Mini-break in Central City
2010 Review
Eigenharp on rails!
Comments fixed
Denver Decompression
Margy's Hut Trip
Two to the fifth power
Charlie Hunter
Romania again, three years later
Vermont Lyons Reunion
Eigenharp arrival and recent recreation
Tubing Boulder Creek
Erin McKeown and Janet Feder
Hilton Head 2010
Climbing, Sliding, Riding
Garden of the Chris
California fun
Spring is rather quite fetching
Pizzi invasion
Guitar Hero
The January 2010 blog post
Let My Children Hear Music
December Recap
Winter season startup
NJ Turkeys
Big Gypsy Immi Love
Full Moon Hike
Best. Month. Ever.
Black Angels
Spring Brook
Speakers everywhere
Back at it
Online dating minus the morons
Phase three
Elizabeth Gilbert on creativity
Dust, Silk, and Shampoo
Great Day
Here we go
Kinky over beautiful
Lighthouses Rule!
More house photos
The First Chickens
The best. Again.
Sourdough Trail
Low Humidity
I love the web
Independence Day
House of fun
A place to call home
Ew! His face! His face!
House Take 2
Climbing Course
Andy on Bud Light
Wapiti Trail Hike
Tremont Mountain Sunrise Hike
Best weekend in a while
Lost two houses, Ari, climbing
Boo LiveNation. Boo Macky
Busy good
Found a house!
PDX 2009
Road Trip April 09
Five Peace Band, aps101, and Banjo Billy
Vanguard Jazz Orchestra
Now with real mountains!
Steamboat 2009
Vasquez Ridge lies behind me. Bloody, unconscious - vanquished.
More settling in
Dos Equis with Charley
Weak Areas: None noted
Gym rat
Snow and Fire
Attack of the birds
Ozrics, Crystal Method, Likeness to Lily
Speakers. Hell Yeah. Speakers.
Four visitors in a month!
Houses, cars, visitors
The Wood Stove
The Ranking of the Cities
The Map
Poll: Shave the beard?
The Overload
Mustard vs. Ketchup
The new project and Burning Man
Biking to Fisher Point
Mountain bike ride #2, crash #1
The Trampoline Standoff
Lake Powell
Best Canyon: Grand Canyon
Mountain biking: check
The Red Machine!
Running to The Planets
The struggle for housing in Flagstaff
Hilton Head Reunion
Kicking it Jacksonville Style with the Skareckis
Because six cities in June was insufficient
West Hollywood
Sunnyvale last hurrah
The sound of green silence!
Pacific Coast Highway drive
Flaming Vegan Doughnuts!
Last weekend in Bend
Hiking at Smith Rock State Park
PDX with The Hawk and Big Wave Lew!
Hurray for doing stuff
Better than roller derby?!?
Renegade Rollergirls!
Hippies on stilts and hitchhikers with snowboards
Boise End Game
Brimming with vitality
I want to be Skerik
Boise ~= The Bomb
The arrival in Park City
Worst. Drive. Ever
Exit Boulder, stage left
The Steamboat Trip
The deep pow-pow
The Kitties
Logistical Ninjitsu
Code freeze at long last
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
Photo update
Experimental nomadic residence #1 a success!
Find your spot
Return of the Obie
Pouring ourselves to the airport
Men with pick axes
Out on the DL
Man Card revoked!
The big dinner
Awesome Saturday
More Cluj night life
Hometown Dracula
Pete's travel adventure 2007 begins Friday October 5th.