Peter Lyons

CDMX Sunday

June 08, 2023

Sunday I did my new bodyweight fitness routine that I am trying to switch over to after letting my gym membership in Malone expire. Then I headed to nearby Happy Day Cafe for a latte and a chocolate babka. I sat and read a cute illustrated book about artist Keith Harring which I found in my airbnb. It's one of my favorite ways to spend a Sunday morning.

We met up with the group at Lardo for lunch at 2 and were joined by Monica. I had some seafood fried rice and we were introduced to carajillos which are a coffee/liquor cocktail that were lovely.

We walked to Parque Mexico which is super cool. It was dog adoption day so there were dogs and puppies everywhere. At our next spot we sipped negronis and aperol spritzes and Jordan caught up with us.

Later we ended up watching the NBA finals at an Irish Pub and then hanging at a whiskey bar next door. I forget exactly what we did in the interim though. Dre arrived and joined us, and I walked home from there. It was a super lovely day.

Photos from the whole trip: