Peter Lyons

CDMX Saturday

June 04, 2023

I am on a work trip to Mexico City. One thing we've learned about Malone's proximity to Montréal is that there seem to be (n=2 so far) many affordable non-stop flights to international destinations. Departure times have been good, too. The drive to get to YUL is a bit tricky, but Stella was able to do it on the first attempt with no wrong turns. The airport itself feels very easy to get from departures curb to the international zone. Very nice!

The rest of the trip was smooth sailing: I had an empty seat next to me on the flight, customs was fast and easy, taxi to my airbnb was OK, and the airbnb is very nice. So far only had a few minors challenges with the ATM - they insert cards sideways here and one food order we didn't quite understand.

Anyway, it's neat. These blog posts are mostly a record for me to go back and remember what year/month I traveled to a given place, so future me, this is when I went to Mexico City on a work trip.

I guess for the record let me slip into my mind's native bullet list format and jot down what we did yesterday:

T-Mobile gives me enough international mobile data for this trip to be fine. There's Uber but sadly no Lyft.

Photos from the whole trip: