Peter Lyons

CDMX Monday

June 08, 2023

Monday we were going to work from the WeWork which is Jon's normal office. They have the security systems set a bit too tight so it's literally more hassle to get into the WeWork office then to enter the country through customs. It's a QR code which must be for your exact date and time, photo, photo of your ID, facial recognition turnstile, every interior door is locked and you need your host to swipe their card to get most places.

Anyway we did a big long intense in-person session for the day then met our airbnb experience hosts who walked us along Paseo de la Reforma to our mole and mezcales tasting. It was in a super lovely setting in a remodeled old grand building. First stop was cold beers on the rooftop terrace which was lovely. Then they took us to a private dining room and we had a tasting menu of about 5 mole/mezcal combinations. They did a really nice job and everyone had a good time.

It was pouring rain most of the time we were there so by the time I got home there was a huge puddle in front of my airbnb and I couldn't see any way to get to the door without crossing it, so I ended up stepping in ankle-deep water and completely soaking my shoes. I washed them in the shower so at least they'd be wet with clean water and planned to try to dry them the next day.

Photos from the whole trip: