Peter Lyons

Visiting Colorado

February 15, 2023

After El Paso, we drove up through New Mexico to visit family and friends in Colorado. We stayed over at Raton Pass Motor Inn, which is now becoming something of a favorite amongst Stella's family. Her Mom has stayed several times and loves it, and we told her Dad about it and he stayed there in the same room we had on his way to Arizona after Christmas.

We spent the first leg of our Colorado in Lakewood where we visited Corey, Eric and the two tiny doggos Prague and Olso. We got to see the climbing wall at the school where Corey now coaches the climbing team. From there we went to Grand Junction for Christmas with Stella's mom. I got a membership at the local climbing gym as well as the coworking space so I had places to go for work and exercise. Stella's Dad came down from Casper, Wyoming to visit for Christmas as well. Sage and Ace and Uncle Todd came over too.

A few days before New Years, we went back over the Rockies to Lakewood and visited Lee & Ollie, Amy & Tom, Diana, as well as Tung, Alice, Vic, and Jo.

Around January 6 we drove back west to visit Kristy and Wes in Rifle. We joined them for their morning routine of coffee in the hot tub, did a quick project building a less intrusive support for the van bed, and had some great ice cream at Moma's.

Then it was back to Grand Junction for part 2 of that visit.