Peter Lyons


February 15, 2023

On the drive from Moab to Chattanooga, we stopped near Albuquerque and got some awesome ice cream bars from Paleta Bar. Next stop was Weatherford, OK I think. I think we did one more stop too but I don't recall exactly where. Maybe West Memphis or something. But we arrived in Chattanooga and got settled into our airbnb. I got a membership at Synergy Climbing and Ninja which was a cool bouldering gym not too far from our airbnb. Our place had 2 bedrooms so I was able to work from the spare instead of a coworking space, which was nice.

The weather was much warmer than Moab, but still had the feeling of autumn coolness. Daily highs were 40s or 50s and we had a fair amount of rain. Our visit was two full weeks so we were able to tour around a bit. We enjoyed the Hunter Art Museum and discount day at the arcade/pinball joint.

We had lunch with someone I knew from the Boulder tech scene who had moved from Boulder to Chattanooga a few years ago. It was fun to get their take on the city and especially the comparison coming from Boulder. We also toured the local maker space. I was hoping to give a presentation about the squeezebox keyboard but the "meeting" had no leadership so never really occurred in any meaningful sense of the word.