Peter Lyons


January 15, 2020

Wednesday morning the airbnb wifi was being crap so I took a lyft to a coworking space in the Bywater called the Warehouse. It was nice and I got set up sipping black coffee and enjoying reliable fast Internet. For lunch I walked a ways over to St Roch Market for some seafood gumbo which was pretty tasty.

After work I met up with a coworker who lives here. I took a bike share bike to meet him which was fun. We walked across the quarter and stopped for cocktails at Muriel's. Then we walked a long ways over to downtown and eventually ate dinner at Cochon. I had my first alligator! It was good. I mean, it was deep fried and heavily seasoned so pretty much anything would come out OK but still it was good. We had small plates: alligator, shrimp, and ribs. Everything was delicious.