Peter Lyons

St Charles

January 18, 2020

Saturday we took bike share bikes a long way to the far end of the Bywater to try to hit up the Music Box Village, but it was closed. We saw lots of cool street art along the way. As plan B we ate at Cafe Satsung which was very good. Afterward we climbed a huge arched staircase over the train tracks and walked along the river path into downtown. We decided to ride the St Charles streetcar to the far end of the line. Once there we made our way to the Mississippi River trail and walk along that back toward Audobon park. We grabbed some much-needed Gatorade at the zoo gift shop and then took a Lyft home. We did a lot of walking and biking that day. At least 6 miles on foot.

After a long nap, we watched some Legion then had a nice dinner at Gabrielle's in our neighborhood. We made our second journey to Angelo Brocato's so Stella could get a cannoli of her own.