Peter Lyons

Music Box Village

January 19, 2020

We slept in really late on Sunday and then biked out to get some mexican food at Flying Burritos for lunch (which was excellent) and some lattes at Monkey Monkey coffee shop. Now armed with more accurate info, we headed back toward Music Box Village. We attempted to take street car to bus, but had a real struggle waiting for the 88 bus and we eventually gave up and switched to Lyft.

We explored Music Box Village which is a cool art installation of a bunch of weird small houses/sculputres full of playable instruments. It's mostly percussion but there are a handful of strings and one piece with winds hooked up to a compressor you can sound by pressing buttons and valves. It's pretty fun and pretty cool but much more of a "musical playground" and less of a collaborative/community music project. Their resident docent was there and briefly did some saxophone looping by playing into the earpiece of a phone booth exhibit.

We walked around the Bywater and ended up at a gas station converted into a hipster bar to escape the cold. We got some drinks and some chips and guac and it was nice.

We lyfted home and got some whole foods for dinner and watched The Dawn Wall and some more Legion.