Peter Lyons

Jumbo Shrimp

January 16, 2020

On Thursday Stella arrived around noon and we got lunch at the nearby Betsy's diner served by the exact kind of career diner servers you are envisioning. After work we lyfted to a restaurant called "Cru" for a drink in their atrium, then headed up Frenchmen St for dinner. We got some nice salads but they had a terrible trio singing classic rock way too loud and way out of sync with the rest of the vibe of the place.

We heard a few songs by a second line brass band on a corner of Frenchmen St. A decent size crowd was gathered around dancing, blocking traffic, and having fun.

We made our way to the Spotted Cat to hear a band called Jumbo Shrimp. We could barely hear the band over the din of all the middle-aged white couples in there shouting at each other, and although we managed to grab some seats when a party left right next to us, most people were standing around the dive bar, the band was blocked from anyone's view, and they were serving drinks in clear plastic cups, so we left after just 2 or 3 songs.