Peter Lyons

Geaux Tigers

January 11, 2020

I'm on a midwinter escape trip to New Orleans. On the plane ride here half of the passengers were decked out in purple and yellow LSU jerseys and hats. I had no awareness of this, but apparently Louisiana State University was playing Clemson for the college football championships and fans were out in droves. The last game was scheduled for Monday though so I only had to deal with them for about 2.5 days.

I landed and caught a lyft to my airbnb. I heard a weird humming noise coming from the apartment across the hall and for a moment I thought maybe it was someone buzzing on a trombone mouthpiece to practice, but as it went on I eventually realized he's just humming weirdly and he does it almost all of his waking hours it seems. I can clearly hear it from my bed which is the furthest point away from his apartment in my apartment. I also heard a brass band playing nearby but by the time I had unpacked and headed out to explore I couldn't track them down anymore.

I just wanted to grab some dinner and head to bed as the flight was delayed twice. At that time I wasn't able to find many open restaurants and the one I found was sold out of my first two choices. I'd eventually find some better food options, but the mid-city location I'm in is pretty light on restaurants and coffee shops. I did find the main non-whole-foods grocery was right nearby so I got some basics to stock the fridge.

I didn't have the energy to research mass transit yet so I stayed in and watched some Ozark.