Peter Lyons


January 12, 2020

Sunday morning I planned to explore around. My airbnb was a ways out from the quarter along the Canal St streetcar line, and every airbnb mentioned how great it was to hop on the streetcar and get into the tourist area. Well on my first ride, I discovered that hasn't been the case for at least 3 months since the Hard Rock Hotel collapsed during construction in October 2019 and has completely thrown a monkey wrench into mass transit for several huge blocks. So one option you have when you hit Canal and Elk and the streetcar cannot continue is to switch to a bus and ride a circuitous route around the closed off blocks, or you can walk the rest of the way, which is what I did the first time.

The quarter was overrun with football fans and extra touristy though so it was mostly unbearable. There was a live band playing amplified outside of Harrah's casino. I headed into the quarter and hunkered down in a coffee shop called Envie on Decatur and enjoyed a latte and a grilled ham and brie panini.

I missed the cutoff for Whole Foods hot bar BBQ so I grabbed some pizza for dinner. Later than night I walked most of the way to Frenchmen St where there's a strip of live music venues but it was so nightmarishly overrun with football fans I left almost immediately.