Peter Lyons

Turris Omnia

March 25, 2019

I had a pretty fun and interesting week and weekend. Tuesday I took my van into the shop to get a stereo head unit upgrade, which took all day and meant I spent most of the day in coffee shops on east Arapahoe in Boulder getting frustrated by tiny cafe tables, bad wifi, no power outlets, or all of the above. Tuesday evening I took the RTD FF2 bus into Union Station Denver to see Christella. But before I could do that, I had a former client allow their TLS certificate to expire for the fifth (5th!) year in a row. So once I got into Union Station, Stella got me a white russian and while I sipped my drink I battled terrible public wifi and set up letsencrypt to get the client's site up and running again.

Wednesday I took the light rail into Union Station and worked at Commons on Champa coworking. Other than an annoying email login screen, the wifi there is good. At home that evening my wifi was also bad. It has been flakey for the past few weeks, but usually comes back OK for a while after a power cycle. But I was at my limit of bad wifi tolerance so I plugged directly into the cable modem and was getting a blazing 295 Mbps. I thought surely the problem was Comcast since routers have no moving parts and theoretically should be very reliable, but for the record in this case it was actually the wifi router going bad. So I planned to hit Target at 7AM Thursday morning to get a replacement. I also asked the alpha nerd at my company for a router recommendation and he pointed me to the Turris Omnia, which is super pricey but I ordered one with expedited shipping.

Also Wednesday night, I noticed I didn't have my driver's license, which I had last seen giving it to Stella to buy my drink Tuesday night. Luckily she found it at her place, so I arranged to meet her at a Starbucks Thursday morning to get it.

Thursday evening Audrey took me to see Rubblebucket in concert at the Fox in Boulder, which was a great show. Alex Toth took a selfie with me to send to his mother because our Mom's are friends.

This weekend I've had a clear calendar and an empty house as my housemates and both of their dogs are away. I climbed Fri/Sat/Sun, played sax, rested a lot, and cranked through a ton of chores. I did the last bit of my tax preparation, fixed a set of shoelaces, set up the new Turris Omnia and got all the devices back onto the new network, fixed Bre's futon, attempted to fix a sagging floating shelf in the living room, did laundry, did grocery shopping, did some thrift shopping, changed out the fridge water filter cartridge, and watched some Game of Thrones season 7.