Peter Lyons

So Much Stuff

August 02, 2018

I got back home from family reunion in Steamboat this past Saturday and things have been going non-stop since then. So many big changes in a huge batch.

Saturday I mostly packed and shopped for a new car. Had a final dinner with my folks at Arcana and they flew home on Sunday. On Sunday I did the real final packing up of my Boulder apartment. Monday I had to take a bus out to Longmont to pick up my U-Haul box truck, drove that back to Boulder, and loaded it up with 2 movers helping me from craigslist. They were super awesome and we got the truck loaded in about two hours. I drove the truck to Louisville and we unpacked in about one hour.

Of course, working Internet was first priority and we tried 3 different rooms and 3 different coax hook-ups before our final option which was buying a coax cable at the thrift store and connecting to an available coax outlet in the wall (most of the cables just poke out of the floor/ceiling in weird places), and that finally worked. Yay wifi!

Then I returned the truck in Louisville and had my moving helper drive me to Lakewood to look at a cargo van. It turned out to have manual door locks so we drove back in rush hour traffic. Then I tried to do some basic furniture arranging and unpacking so I could sleep in a bed, take a shower, etc.

Tuesday morning I had breakfast at the new Moe's Bagel in Louisville (wherever I move, there seems to be a Moe's nearby) and over coffee did most of my online address change stuff. I shopped for refrigerators and cargo vans on craigslist. Then home for more unpacking and setting stuff up. My office is mostly up and running (Internet, desk, surge protector, printer, speakers, etc).

Then I borrowed a friend's car and went to look at a cargo van in Brighton. I bought a low-mileage used 2014 Nissan NV-200 SV. It's basically a minivan with empty cargo space instead of seats. Within the first day I have already backed it up to a loading dock and transported a full-size refrigerator. Van power!

I couldn't drive the van off the lot because it was just me in a borrowed car so I returned the car then went home to talk through remodelling plans with Stephen at 5. After that Bre gave me a ride back to the dealership so I could drive the new van home. I stopped in Lafayette to celebrate with delicious Thai from Panaang.

There are many new people in my house! My 2 official housemates, their 2 kids who will be here 1/2 time, and their 2 giant dogs. Also to help with the move Olivia's parents and neices are up from New Mexico so there's current something like 10 mammals upstairs. Also the 2-car garage is full of stuff. Like full full. Lots of people and lots of stuff this week!

More wacky logistics this morning. I got up early and drove the new van to Boulder Hybrid, took a lyft to my old apartment, drove my Insight to Boulder Hybrid to drop it off for a repair, then drove the van back home to try to meet a plumber who was expected at 9. I made it, but he ended up being late anyway.

After the plumber I went to Longmont and bought a new but scratch and dent discount refrigerator for my kitchenette. It took them a really long time to complete the sale, but I was able to transport it in the van. Olivia's father Jim helped me take the doors off, schlep it down the stairs, and get it positioned in the basement.

Then I basically collapsed for 2 hours. That's a lot of stuff going on for like 5 straight days.

On top of that, I'm also considering joining one of my consulting clients as a full-time employee. Plus I have 4 rehearsals and 2 gigs over the past 8 days, and Gora Gora has a lot of services booked in August.