Peter Lyons


November 04, 2017

This morning I moved into the sublet that should be my home for the duration of my visit. Like many things about NYC, it's mostly great except for this one weird thing. It's great for subway access to Recurse Center and just in general. It's a short walk from the Brooklyn Boulders climbing gym. I've got a separate entrance and my own bathroom. However, the furnished room is furnished for a toddler. :-/

Other misc NYC observations: blocking the box happens all the time and people don't seem to consider it as deeply unholy as when I was here a decade ago. Every crossing guard I have seen has been actively chatting on a bluetooth earpiece. Lyft drivers will stay completely silent unless spoken to (which is fine with me).

Last night I went to the Irish Arts Center to hear my Aunt Alice Lyons do a poetry reading as part of the PoetryFest they are having. About to go to midtown again for today's reading.

Tomorrow I might do my fitness consultation and "Beast Index" fitness test at Brooklyn Boulders, we'll see.