Peter Lyons

NYC Arrival

November 02, 2017

OK a few NYC notes after the first few days here.

My first AirBnb was really really close to a major interchange on the Brooklyn Queens Expressway. At busy times it was almost comical the steady stream of car horn leaning and sirens I could hear. When larger vehicles passed at speed, the bed would vibrate.

I have so far seen two cars parallel parked and totally boxed in unable to get out. One of them the driver was there trying to get out and he was basically just shrugging like "I guess I'm stuck".

I was also at first confused when I walked around the corner in Carroll Gardens and saw an entire street of cars double parked. I eventually figured out it was during a 2-hour street sweeping window and I guess if you park on the street opposite the side being cleaned, you just have to plan on being boxed in during that time and hope the person who double parks you comes and moves their car as soon as the sweeping time period passes.

The City Mapper mobile app has been really great for planning subway trips. So far I've only made 1 mistake and when I was making it I knew I might be getting on a train going the wrong direction so it was easy to correct when I confirmed at the next stop I was indeed going the wrong way.