Peter Lyons


November 13, 2017

So I've finished my first week at Recurse Center. It's been great so far, but I've been working a lot more intensely than I'm accustomed to and it's made me tired. I got to rest up today though and am feeling good about diving back in tomorrow. It's been fun exploring Park Slope around my sublet and SoHo around Recurse Center. I walked past a queue of entrepreneurs waiting to get into AWS Loft. I had my first NYC bagel and brooklyn pizza. Someone brought in Cronuts and I got to eat half a cronut without waiting in line for four hours. I made my first cup of coffee in a chemex (don't like it, cools off too much). I saw the NYC marathon and an early morning fleet of NYPD tow trucks heading out to a day's work of towing.

I went to see the NYC premier of the Reel Rock climbing documentaries, which was great. Chris Sharma was there and Cedar Wright was hysterical.

Saturday afternoon I did some top roping at Brooklyn Boulders with two of my RC batchmates followed by ramen dinner.

Today I mostly stayed home and rested up and only coded a little bit, sipping on my keurig chocolate flavored coffee.

I went through all of the Academy Award winners in the most important categories going back to 1990 or so and am working my way through the list. I recently watched Moonlight and Spotlight both of which were fantastic.

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