Peter Lyons

Quick Thoughts: Eldo Pool

September 01, 2017

Boulder Goat

At Laughing Goat overhearing bits and pieces of a very Boulder conversation: for myself...don't know what day of the week it is...spend a lot of time with therapist that's what I do for work

1-Day Boulder Projects

Starting a boulder problem, struggling through it a bunch of attempts, and then finally sending it in the same day is the best.

You're Fired

When is Trump going to realize that the ultimate most bad-ass, cavalier, my-way-or-the-highway firing is to fire oneself?

Punching Bags

Presumably someone is making a quick buck on karate dummies painted with Nazi symbols.

When Artists Argue

When Artists Argue

Live Music Ticket Hell

Music Venues, why why why must you all use such horrible ticket services? Look at these yelp reviews for AXS.

Eldo Pool

Went to the Eldorado Springs outdoor pool for the first time recently. It's amazing! They have a 1m springboard which we jumped on from about 10:30 AM to 3 PM. I had sore calves the next day.

Smurf Game of Thrones

Like omni-word "smurf" but GoT edition: Can you pleas pass the Sansa? Time to go, get in the Karstark.

Browser Tab Detachment

Roll a d(6). If you roll 2, close all your browser windows and tabs and clear your history. Realize you are still OK.