Peter Lyons

Weekdays in Chiang Mai

November 14, 2014

Monday morning I worked from home and enjoyed having decent ergonomics and Internet. Shannon was having a bit of "Bangkok Belly" which we've both had most of the time during the trip ranging from a mild nuisance to truly ill.

We walked around Niman seeking comfort food in the form of burgers. The place we picked had clueless staff and terrible food though, so it was by far our worst meal of the trip to date. We had a lazy afternoon then watched the sunset from our balcony while three people on the roof of a nearby, shorter, building were taking their quadcopter drone out for test sorties. I think later that evening we went to Salsa Kitchen on Huay Kaew road for Mexican food as Shannon was starving after a few days or not eating much due to feeling ill. Shannon got fajitas and I got quesadillas.

Tuesday morning I was ill and nauseas so I laid around and listened to Game of Thrones a while. I eventually got sick but felt much better afterward and have felt pretty good the rest of the week.

Wednesday Shannon went out exploring the Wats in Old City in the afternoon. I joined up with her in the early evening to see a small dosage of Wats. Then we ate at a fancy French restaurant in the Old City. The bill was double the largest we've paid so far but even then it amounted to about $32 total. Shannon had snapper and I had pumpkin soup and lamb stew.

Thursday Shannon spent all day at cooking class and I worked from the apartment. In the afternoon I wondered around and did some work from Luvv Cafe while drinking Thai Iced Tea and a late lunch. When I got back home Shannon was back and excited to tell me all about the fun she had at cooking class. She learned to cook fried spring rolls, chicked pad see ewe, green curry, and hot and spicy soup. We took a nap and then ate the leftovers. I was happy to serve as cooking school test diner and everything was delicious.

Then we headed about 1 block from our apartment to a meetup event of the "Nomad List" group. is a startup project to rank cities around the world by "digital nomad" travelers. I used that site to initially get interested in Chiang Mai and Ubud. They also connected us with a facebook group, a slack chat channel, and some google docs of good insider info. We met up at an outdoor bar and eventually a total of around 24 people were present. It was good for Shannon and I to have some other people to talk with after so long, I think. We drank and talked a while then headed to bed.

Today the wifi was down in the apartment (panic!) so worked from a coffee shop a bit in the morning. I got up at sunrise after not sleeping very deeply. Shannon and I met up to try the well-reviewed Ristr8to coffee bar. Shannon was giddy about their mocha foam art and their tubular steel coffee tables. Then I headed to the Punspace coworking space to get some work done.