Peter Lyons

Wat Pho

October 29, 2014

Our second full day in Bangkok we took a taxi to Wat Pho where a huge resting Buddha occupies the main temple, captured in his moment of reaching Nirvana just prior to death. Shannon found it very pretty and I found it very crowded. There were lots of fascinating stone statues apparently brought from China as ballast on transport ships and then left in Thailand.

After Wat Pho we walked to the Grand Palace and spent the afternoon there. Shannon was in full-on tourist nerd mode with her audio guide wired in, iPhone with selfie stick, Nikon DSLR, shoulder bag stuffed with guide books, etc. This was much to crowded for me to enjoy so I just smiled and nodded and took comfort in the knowledge that the audio guide rental expired after 3 hours. We had to wait out the afternoon monsoon, but it passed mostly after 45 minutes or so.

We took a taxi back to the hotel and then accidentally slept the remainder of the day and through to morning. Oops, jet lag.