Peter Lyons

Chinatown Food Tour

October 26, 2014

Yesterday we awoke early due to jet lag and futz around the hotel until daybreak. We tried getting Shannon's iPhone online which involved cutting a microsim card down to nanosim size but it seems since the iPhone is under contract with AT&T they won't unlock it, so Shannon will need to buy a cheap cell phone.

We ate breakfast in the hotel, then walked to Chinatown. Shannon guided us through a Lonely Planet food tour and we found roasted chestnuts, bakeries, dim sum, stalls full of tea, all manner of produce, spices, fish, meats, etc. We ate oysters fried with eggs as our first official food tour stop.

I was feeling pretty overstimulated (Chinatown Bangkok is bustling!) and jet lagged so we cabbed it back to the hotel to rest before dinner. We at a delicious meal at a higher-end Thai restaurant a few blocks from the hotel. We had some shrimp & pea little appetizer mini-cake thingies, a crab meat dish, and a chicken coconut curry with sticky rice. All very tasty.