Peter Lyons

Apogaea 2014

June 26, 2014

So when I decided to quit full-time work and become a consultant this year, I set my mind to having enough non-work time to do Apogaea, Balkan Camp, and Burning Man. So far, it's looking like that can come true, although I may decide to skip Burning Man. We'll see.

On Tuesday June 3, I took 3 consulting clients live. On Wednesday June 4, I drove up into the mountains and powered down my cell phone for 5 days for Apogaea. #yolo

Apogaea this year was mostly good but as always a mixed bag. I didn't have any big performances scheduled. Sleeping was harder as I was camping within 50 yards of two large sound camps. Camping with The Fucking Unicorns was fun and running the crate stacking game was by far my favorite activity. Other highlights include smashing appliances with giant steel tools at SmashBar with Sarah, French Toast brunch where I acted as snobbish maître d'.

I got a little bit of time to play on our aerial fabric rig, but not as much as I was hoping for. I bought a cot at Costco to keep me off the ground and dry, which was great, but it didn't really fit in my tent. In my hasty preparation I didn't check the dimensions. I actually got it in there but it was stretching the tent walls outward and had to go diagonally.

Load out day was tough as it started raining lightly mid-afternoon and eventually became full-on rain.

Based on my Apogaea experience, even though I have a ticket for Burning Man this year, I think I may opt not to go. Not sure I can handle the discomforts anymore. We'll see.

Also I didn't take any photos this year as they are discouraged and require permission from each subject, so I just didn't bother.