Peter Lyons

Mixing it up in 2014

January 04, 2014

OK, I'll be making a bunch of nice intentional changes in 2014 and I'm pretty excited about that. First off, I quit the full-time position I held for the last 14 months in mid-December. I had been working on a stealth mode project that is finally out of stealth mode. I was the lead developer for a media-focused sharing site called Trending. At some point I'll write a post with my overall reflections on that project, but in broad strokes it was good but we built too many features before launching in my opinion so I was really anxious to launch it by the end. Now that it's launched I'm glad to have the autonomy that comes with part-time freelancing, part-time open source work, and part-time funemployment.

At the end of December I gave serious consideration to joining the team at AirPair. I went out to San Francisco and worked with them for a week. After that experience though I reconsidered and decided at the moment I need to be in freelance mode.

After one more bad roommate experience in November, I've concluded I should mostly stick to just 1 roommate in my downstairs room. My current roommate Alex has been here a year and it's working out great so I'm just going to leave it at that for now. I may possibly do a bit more AirBnBing of one of the upstairs bedrooms, but I reclaimed my office and it's good to have a separate office and bedroom again.

I'm excited to have mid-day time available for side projects, open source, nonprofit coding, mentoring, etc. I plan to get a bit more active in the Boulder tech scene again. Also going to double down on Gora Gora Orkestar and hopefully compose an original tune for us this month. More on my 2014 plans as things develop.

In other miscellaneous news I was out in NJ and VT for Christmas. It was fun visiting with family and playing with my nephews. Back in Colorado, GGO played a gig at the Mercury Cafe for New Years Eve which was fine but I wish we had rehearsed the day before.

Today I jogged in shorts and a T-shirt to the rec center gym for a workout which felt nice. It's going to get cold again tomorrow though.