Peter Lyons

Too Much Typing Disease

August 18, 2013

So this past week or so my hands started to get sore on the tops of my forearms. I've had this once before in 2008, but had been fine in the intervening 5 years. I bought an ergonomic split keyboard which I hope will help but so far I'm not sure this model is going to work for me. I also think the problem may be more caused by using the mouse to scroll. I've been switching the mouse between both hands to try to avoid overworking one of them. Anyway, it's a bit frustrating and we'll see if I need to completely rejigger my home office setup to deal with it.

Other than that my sentiment of late has been an unusual and somewhat strange lack of motivation. I've tried to say "no" to a lot of extra-curricular activities, but I guess somehow I'm still feeling like I work, do chores, and sleep. I have been practicing, rehearsing, and performing with Gora Gora Orkestar quite a lot, though. I don't know. It's just a weird feeling.

One thing I have been enjoying is biking to Boulder every other Tuesday morning for Boulder Open Coffee Club. It's now held at the Scrib coworking space, which is much better than Atlas Purveyors. These days I actually drink the coffee, too. I then work the rest of the day from Scrib, and I noted on my ride home in the cool evening last Tuesday that these days I will remember as one of the "golden ages" of my work lifestyle. The other golden ages would be my CodeFab days waiting until everyone left the office to practice saxophone in the big warehouse, my Opsware road warrior days, and my HP big-team visits to headquarters.

Last weekend I went to a local Burning Man community party. It definitely had a cool vibe to it. It was in a warehouse in a big industrial lot, no signage, weird entrance through a loading dock, the whole nine yards. The circumstances of the experience were fun, but I think I'm done with those kind of events for a while. Earlier that evening we had a going away party for Elise. She left for her Fullbright Fellowship in China last week.

Friday after work I drove up to Dillon to visit my friend Julia. Today I biked around Lake Dillon. I was hoping to do some trail riding but since I didn't really plan the trip I had to settle for the paved path since it was readily at hand and I have no patience for trying to do web research on my phone. It was a nice ride though with some big climbs up Swan Road.