Peter Lyons

The Unjudging of Dad

July 06, 2013

Well, it's been another month since my last post. Mostly I was/am in hermit mode with not much interesting going on other than boring personal projects like slowly finding unnecessary clutter scattered around my house that I can get rid of.

I did a bit more pair programming via airpair last month and went to a yoga class downtown. I plan to get back into both aerial fabric and yoga starting this month. Friday June 14th was a fun evening that started at the Louisville Street Faire with an OKCupid date. I spiked my mohawk and got a lot of reactions. I guess these days it's pretty damn tall. Children stare openly and I got asked to pose for several photos. Folks randomly come up and ask me what I use to spike it (Schwartzkopf Göt 2b Glued hair spray), how long it takes (12-20 minutes), etc.

I had to leave after a short while since Gora Gora Orkestar was gigging at the Bohemian Biergarten in Boulder. It was our first gig there, at least since the new owner and rename/remodel. It was a hot summer night. Hot enough to bring on the onset of shared trauma intimacy but not oppressively hot. It was crowded and there was a good vibe. We started with a few tunes outside on the street to draw attention and then marched onto stage. We had our vocalist Kate Jaworski with us which is always fun. The gig was a resounding success and big time fun. Folks were dancing on benches and crowding up to lean in through the window from outside in the alley. Can't wait for the next one coming up in 3 weeks.

I flew to New Jersey for a big party my Mom threw for my Dad's 65th birthday and celebration of the completion of his 14-year appointment as a federal judge. It was held at the Prawlsville Mill in Stockton, NJ, which is a lovely setting. My Mom hired my old band Sunny Daze to play, and I sat in with them a bit. It was really fun to visit with everyone.

Saturday I went for a 30-mile bike ride along the Delaware and Raritan Canal, which is my favorite thing to do when visiting my parents. By chance I ran into Alan Burke, who worked at Cranford High School at the time I was a student there. We struck up a conversation and chatted a while before eventually realizing our connection from the 1990s. Mom brought Will and Danny over Monday after swimming class and I played with them and pushed them on the swing for a while.

Back home in Boulder, I went to see a great aerial show called Uprise and spent the evening with my new friend Dana from Apogaea. We were at Centro on Pearl St when a huge, amazing lightning storm hit accompanied by a substantial hail storm. It was amusing to watch the faces of the fancy Boulder party-dress girls realizing they were not quite ready to deal with weather of this severity.

Last Saturday GGO played at the Aurora Arts Festival and again Sunday at a folk festival in Boulder on Pearl St. We also had a Circus of Illumination stage-builder appreciation dinner where Jasmine cooked us a huge feast of delicious Indian food after we assembled the stage one final time in her back yard.

This week I started aerials class again with Liam LeFey teaching the intermediate class. Learned 3 fun tricks and I'll be off to open workout tomorrow to practice them!