Peter Lyons

Fruita 2013

April 25, 2013

So almost a month has again slipped by between blog posts. To be honest, I've been feeling in a bit of a "waiting for inspiration" funk although the calendar indicates plenty of busyness nonetheless. OK, so let's roll back to just after Honk!Tx.

Went to a March Fourth Marching Band show at the Fox on March 28 with Sarah and a friend of hers. Seen essentially the same show (with increasingly impressive acro/stilts performances) about 6 times now. Still dream about going on the road with that band. The next day was a bit of a whacky one. We had an Afronauts dress rehearsal and then I went to Shine for a Pink Mammoth burner dance party. I actually wrote about that experience extensively but decided that has to remain in the offline private journal as it's a bit racey for the public forum. In summary, it was a fun but weird evening.

Saturday Afronauts played a pretty good and fun gig opening for Moksha at Shine. Stephen had a sudden and unpleasant separation from his wife and left town permanently immediately following our set. He will be missed. Eric, Alice, and I chatted a bit and decided it was about the right time to throw in the towel on the Afronauts project. We discussed with the band a bit and there was more vocal expression of surprise and desire to patch things together than I anticipated, but still we are done, at least in that configuration. It is indeed bittersweet, though.

The next two weeks were pretty much hold the steady course. Rehearsals with GGO, Legitimate Front, and Jasmine, Elise's birthday party, some climbing, and some computer side project work. I ran sound for the Aircat Aerial Arts student show.

This past weekend I went on a CHAOS trip to mountain bike in Fruita, Colorado. It's the same trip I did last year. This time there was threatening rain but it was all bark and no bite so we ended up fine and got plenty of good riding in. Next time I should leave a day earlier and do a bit more riding. The trails are really world-class there.

At the moment I'm at Canon Mine Coffee in Lafayette with Jasmine and Jeff my housemate. Jasmine and I are about to give our second public performance of the sax/cello duets we've been working on. Jocelyne my other housemate left today for a 3-month east coast tour, so the house is now in bachelor pad mode. Jeff and I were just griping about the dirty dishes situation we may need to talk with Alex about.