Peter Lyons

Crossfit Evolution Complete

March 09, 2013

This morning was my 6th and final class of the introductory "CrossFit Evolution" training program. It snowed about 2" last night and continues now, making the roads slushy and wet. My housemates had juggled our cars into the garage and driveway to make room for the plow to clear the street in front of my house should they choose to pay any attention to our cul de sac. Jeff had asked me if I was going anywhere last night before blocking my car in, but I forgot I had early morning crossfit. I didn't want to wake them up just to get their car keys, so mountain bike it was.

Colorado achievement unlocked: ride mountain bike to crossfit in a snowstorm

It was actually pretty stable and it's just 3.2 miles so no big deal. Today's workout was the "fight gone bad" which consists of 5 minutes of continuous 1-minute exercises followed by 1 minute rest with 3 total sets over 17 minutes. I presume the name comes from either mixed martial arts or boxing, which is pretty cool. I've always been amazed at the heart of mixed martial arts athletes slugging it out through a long fight.

After the workout, the gym owner Julia said to me "now go ride your bike, you freak", and it occurred to me that if people aren't calling you a freak periodically, you're probably not living up to your potential.