Peter Lyons

Sick of February

February 16, 2013

So I've had some kind of mild nuisance cold symptom continually for the past 2+ weeks. It's looking like I will have spent more than half of February under the weather. I blame my airbnb guest who arrived from LA spewing germs, but also think maybe it was the flu shot I got. I think the last of it is gone and within the next 48 hours I'll be back to 100%, but we'll see.

The sickness and having to skip a few events and spend most nights at home has had me bummed out a bit. However, it's warm and sunny today and I'm feeling much better. Jasmine and I rehearsed our sax/cello duets this morning with our customary Bailey's and coffee. My reed was working nicely so it was a good session. After Jasmine left for open workout at the circus center, I stayed behind and practiced for another solid hour. When my symptoms were mild enough to permit it, I've been trying to practice frequently to build up endurance so I can hang with Gora Gora Orkestar.

Once I finish this blog post, I'll be here at Atlas Purveyors arranging a Vampire Weekend song for Gora Gora to play at an upcoming wedding gig. After that, I have a few other tunes I'd like to arrange that I think would work great with our instrumentation.

Sorry, this post will be a bit scattered.

So I've been reflecting on aerial fabric and circus performance in general. I'm now toying with the idea that I'll not be able to develop the necessary flexibility to look good doing fabric and therefore I should give it up and search for something else. It seems like maybe Cyr Wheel could work, but the challenge would be develop the "sea legs" for it, which may or may not be doable for me. The prospect of squashing a finger also seems pretty risky given my vocation and avocation.

I've started reading Kenny Werner's "Effortless Mastery" book and I'm anticipating getting a lot out of it, but I'm still at the beginning.