Peter Lyons

Cirque Side of the Moon

February 09, 2013

Last night was an awesome performance by the MOTH Poetic Circus. They did a show called "Cirque Side of the Moon" choreographed to Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" which was performed live by tribute band Wish We Were Floyd. There were acrobats doing Chinese pole, fabric, hoop, chain, triangel, and arm balances.

The way they had the evening set up was actually really nice. It's a big, spacious venue with 2 main rooms. There was lots of hanging around and talking for the first 2 hours or so and the music volume was pleasantly not too loud. Folks were doing some face and body painting and there were some featured dancers and stilters around. The audience took to the dance floor in earnest for the last hour or so before the performance started. During the show, about half of the audience was sitting on the floor, which sucks for me, but it was bearable.

The show and music were really great. The organizer had flown in some ringer acrobats from around the country. After the show, there was some more music, pole dancing, and live chalk drawing going on.

And since DSotM is not a very long album, the main show was done by 11:10 PM, which was nice. I got to see some of my aerials friends and a few other surprises such as Rom from CHAOS, Darrel from Burning Man, Spike from Dojo4 code and coffee, and Ashlyn from couch surfing. Ally is back from her aerials and figure skating gig at Dollywood so I heard a bit about that and her plans for her next show. Overall, I had a really fun time and think Deena did an awesome job putting it together.