Peter Lyons

First date bar hopping

January 19, 2013

OK, this one has to go down in the record books as most surprising OKCupid date so far. I met my date at The Spot for some bouldering around 5pm. We had a good time climbing and chatting for a good while. We spent some time playing on the slackline as well. She ran into another guy she knows from salsa dancing who gave us some slackline tips. We were also chatted up by a quite gregarious 21-year-old CU student and his 19-year-old friend. Between climbing, slacklining, and goofing around, which included a spell of watching a father show off the climbing instinct of his infant daughter, which was pretty hilarious, we ended up spending nearly 3 hours there. Oh, and when I say we, I mean my date and I, her friend from salsa, and this other pair of friends we picked up at The Spot.

We went across the parking lot to Twisted Pine for some food and drink, but because of their weird zoning laws their kitchen has to close at 7:45, so we continued around the corner to Casa Alveraz. So the five of us chatted away including a delve into Objectivism that harkened me back to my early NYC days. Oh, and yeah, you could have guessed it. One of the students is a semi-pro cyclist and the salsa guy is a software developer and professional triathlete.

So we had a long and delicious meal there after getting fairly ravenous while climbing. I have to say Negra Modelo and carne asada is an awesome combination.

Done? Not by a long shot. By now it's 9:30 PM so we head off to downtown to Conor O'Neil's. My date and I chatted a bit more while our climbing buddies went to get coffee. Now the girl we met isn't of drinking age, so she goes home as does the triathlete. But eventually the other guy comes to Conor O'Neill's and joins us. Atomga is playing and Alice, Luke, and Tung are there hanging out and listening as well. It is warm, loud, and crowded with students. Alice and I sit in with the band for 2 tunes during their second set. Sitting in was really fun as at that point the band was at the peak of their groove and the crowd was really digging it.

We then bar hop in frigid 20 degree wether from Conor O'Neill's to the Sundowner. Here we encounter two inebriated young men wearing upside down kamakazi headbands. Guess what they do! Yup, CU triathletes. We followed them on to the Absinthe House, which wasn't our scene, so we headed to Catacombs. At Catacombes we played oversized Jenga and pool. My date lost a game of jenga and the stakes were she had to approach a stranger in the bar and kiss his hand, which she managed to do pretty handily. We were there until closing at 2am, which marked the end of my 9-hour OKCupid first date.