Peter Lyons

Mustache Report

August 04, 2012

So I've become interested these past several months in frugality, efficiency, simple living, and early retirement. There's a popular blog called Mr. Money Mustache. The author lives in nearby Longmont, CO, and is in many respects very similar to me: tech career, similar age, lives in Colorado, rides a mountain bike, etc. I actually went through all the blog archives chronologically and read the entire thing. I've been more casually following a few other blogs in this vein as well. I've been making some changes to my lifestyle in this regard. Mostly these are small changes, but I thought it would be worthwhile to catalogue some of these changes.

Next big tasks on my list are changing banks and increasing my savings rate from where it currently is at somewhere around 50% of my gross income to 60%. I've plugged numbers into an early retirement calculator that says I could retire in less than 8 years. However, I don't really buy that and my investment returns don't quite live up to some of the things I read online. However, I think the possibility of working way less than full time (like only working every other year) is something I could realisically start to think about.