Peter Lyons

March Fourth

August 17, 2012

Wow, what a fantastic night getting my dance-like-nobody's-watching on with Mandaline, Jasmine, and Lani to March Fourth Marching Band at the Fox. They are definitely my favorite live act. ♥ M4. That is a definite contender for best show of 2012 for me. Brenda, did you make it?

After packing on quite a few pounds on my gluttonous vacation last week, hopefully I undid some damage with almost six hours of sustained physical activity this evening. I did an interval workout at home, biked to the Fox in 48 minutes, danced throughout the show, then biked home in 44 minutes.

In other news, I posit and answer this question:

Could Jasmine be more adorable?

Answer: No. No she could not. She exhibits maximum adorability.