Peter Lyons


August 14, 2012

Yesterday I spent the day in NYC and visited with Chris and Alex. I drove in to Trenton with my Dad on his way to work and took the train into New York. I hopped the E subway and stored my bag at Schwartz Travel near Grand Central Terminal. Then I rode up to 86th street and walked around looking for food. I had some pizza and then got a cupcake at Eleni's Bakery, which I ate in the park. I waited for Chris outside the Guggenheim a bit, then we went through the museum together. We both enjoyed the architecture and the one annex of impressionist and cubist paintings.

We walked across the park back to the West side to meet up with Alex and meet his son Harry, who is now seven months old. We chatted a bit then headed to the B. Cafe for some food. Chris and I rode back to Grand Central, picked up my bag, and took Metro North up to Poughkeepsie. Today we will do some hiking at Mohonk Preserve.