Peter Lyons

Whirlwind Weekend

May 28, 2012

And another whirlwind weekend comes to a close. I think I stayed home on Friday and worked on transcribing a song for the Circus of Illumination. Saturday I did another round of yard sales and managed to get a set of folding chairs, a ton of LED Christmas lights, and a folding music stand all for $20. I followed that up with some thrift store shopping to round out my costume for the Gypsy Wranglers. This was all before 10am. I know because I had to wait a few minutes in the Table Mesa shopping center parking lot for the stores to open up. I also ran into Eric from the Afronauts at Play It Again Sports. I finished my commerce spree at McGukins for a few other key items including clothespins and hooks for my new shelving unit in the studio.

After that I went to open aerial workout at BCC and worked on my double star drop. I did about 4 of them and I think I'm now beyond the initial fear/panic stage. But they tend to bruise my hips and thigh so I can only practice a handful of times in any given session then I probably should wait a day or two and allow them to heal. I did some other housework Saturday afternoon and some more music preparation for CoiL. Hung out with Julia Saturday night and snacked on popcorn seasoned with Cajon spices.

Sunday I made a yummy breakfast of scrambled eggs with salsa, sausages, and refried beans. Then I borrowed my neighbor's mechanical push lawn mower and tried mowing my lawn with it. Not bad at all. Took about 45 minutes and I'm sure with practice it can be done faster than that. Then I transcribed another tune for CoiL before running a quick Craigslist errand on my way up Lee Hill Road. I was meeting some mountain bike buddies at Jeremy's house. Jeremy has constructed an advanced mountain bike trail in his back yard and populated it with bridges, switchbacks, and various hazards. It was pretty fun to ride on someone's own personal trail, but the beginning section was much too steep and curvy for me. The house has a great view of the mountains, too. I would have liked to have stayed and enjoyed the food and hot tubbing afterward, but I had to run to Denver for aerials class. After class I watched most of "Delicatessen" and then collapsed.

This morning I started some more CoiL work and then met Brenda for lunch. Our plan was to try the Tibet's buffet but they were closed for Memorial Day, so we hit The Huckleberry instead. Then I spent the rest of the day and night at the CoiL dress rehearsal at Cassie's house. We worked from 3pm to 9pm or so, but it was good, fun work. Yummy snacks including one of my biggest weaknesses - pretzel nuggets filled with peanut butter. We have a lot of refinement (and definement) still to do, but for the most part, we have ourselves a circus! I rounded out the day with 3 Haagen Daaz vanilla almond ice cream bars in less than 30 minutes (900 calories). Tomorrow starts a 4-day work week which ends with me heading to Crested Butte for some mountain biking.

Here's a facebook video of Jer's Mountain Bike Trail