Peter Lyons

Just Try It

March 18, 2012

So I've again been pondering this attitude of eagerly trying things without worrying too much about them ahead of time. This was the attitude that got me involved with The Afronauts and Turtle Dove, and I'm pleased with how those have ended up. I find it very liberating cognitively and somewhat like the life-hacking version of evidence-based medicine perhaps.

In this spirit, I'm probably going to try one of the aerial studios in Denver as Afronauts rehearsals conflict with the classes at Boulder Circus Center. I'm also going to try having a roommate again. Travis from the Afronauts is going to move into the suite downstairs sometime around April 1. I also put the upstairs room on AirBnB just as an experiment and have rented it for the entire month of May. We'll see how it goes. At that point there will probably be 2 rehearsals a week in the studio.

So here's a few things I've just tried without too much worry in the last 18 months or so.

A good percentage of those have worked out pretty well. Not all, but most.