Peter Lyons

Love Is In the Air. Cars Are In the Snow.

February 12, 2012

I had two big performances this weekend. Friday night Afronauts played at the Dickens Opera House in Longmont. Our guest band was Atomga, another gigantic afrobeat ensemble that is fantastic. Each band invited the horns from the other band on stage for one number, which was really fun. The Dickens has a great sound/light system and they streamed the concert to Ustream. The live video feed of the show is here. We played a new tune we've been rehearsing, which is always fun.

Saturday I slept in just a bit and then headed to the Boulder Circus Center for Love Is In the Air, the Aircat student show. It was a lot of fun and there were some amazing performances. My part was a very small "chorus" part in a big group number, but it was still really fun to be involved.

After the show and putting the circus center back into ready position, I joined Brenda and Emily at Efrain's II for a Mexican feast and a pitcher of Negra Modelo. Then we swung by Brenda's so she could walk her Scottish terrier Mac while Emily and I went on a run for beer and ice cream. Then it was back to my place, where we were joined by Logan and Julia. We watched "Biutiful" which had many good signs: Alejandro González Iñárritu, Javier Bardem, and Focus Features. But of course it is a deeply sad and depressing story, which is not the best for movie night party with a big group of friends. But we watched it and then watched "Charlie's Angels" to shake off the bad vibes. Brenda also brought fancy Mexican dark hot chocolate and a popcorn popper. I think Glacier Mint Oreo ice cream has a shot to replace Cold Stone Creamery Dark Chocolate Peppermint as my current favorite flavor.

On the way out Brenda backed over the half of the street at the end of my driveway that I didn't shovel clear and got stuck with her front tires right on the steep curb of my driveway, which has happened to me before. Luckily Logan, being a true Colorado dude by now, keeps a tow strap in his car and was able to pull her onto the clear section of the street. Julia also parked in the snow in front of my house and also got stuck, but I got her out with some shoveling and a push.

Today was yummy brunch at The Huckleberry. That place has super delicious food. I had a scramble Lorraine and a ginger mango tea.