Peter Lyons

Yet another whirlwind weekend in progress

January 15, 2012

Don't have time for a proper post. I should be in the shower getting ready for aerial fabric rehearsal, but wanted to throw a few notes up here. Yesterday at work dojo4 had a yummy lunch an The Pinyon restaurant across the way from our office. It was a geekfest in there, with coders from Foraker, OpenSpace, Dojo4, and Marty Haight all eating there. Had a nice pint of Joe's Pale Ale with a burger (their lunch special) before heading back to the dojo for more coding.

After work I shopped around for restaurants a bit and ended up at Antica Roma for some polletto diavola and a draft Peroni. Then it was lugging gear into Shug's Shack for an Afronauts gig. After load in and sound check I went around the corner to get a banana nutella crepe. Yum. The Afronauts performance featured a great opening band called Mono Verde from Denver. We had a blast up there and the audience was really grooving. I didn't finally crash out in bed until nearly 3am. We gotta work on starting earlier at Shug's (we hit around 11pm) to accommodate our slightly older crowd.

Now I'm off to get a costume for our February aerial fabric show and then to today's fabric workout/rehearsal. Lots more planned for today and tomorrow as well so maybe a follow-up post tomorrow evening. Calendar is pretty much packed with goodness clear through to February at this point.