Peter Lyons

Epic Weekend

January 09, 2012

This weekend was freaking epic. I was off work Friday so I worked on a redesign for my web site. I headed into the office around 4pm since we were planning to have an office bar outing. But, as sometimes happens on Friday, a bunch of folks who work at nearby companies had come over with beer to hang out, so the office was full and the Mountain Sun growlers were pouring. After hanging out a while I headed down to Arvada for a Turtle Dove show at the 12-Volt Tavern (classic dive bar). We played pretty well as we have been rehearsing a lot. There was a fun band called Left Foot Green after us as well.

Saturday was aerial fabric workout and rehearsal for our show in February. After that I met up with Julia for yummy lunch at Pizzeria da Lupo. Then I did some coding at the dojo before going across the alley to the Laughing Goat Coffeehouse for an Afronauts show. Boulder Weekly interviewed our founder and bassist Eric Keeney this week, and that got us a lot of publicity, so the goat was standing room only. We hurried through our elaborate setup routine. When we started to play I scanned the crowd. Not a single conversation. All eyes and ears focused intently on the band. The first few songs were particularly groovy and it set the band into a good move and a good groove. We played two sets and folks were enjoying it and cheering. We overflowed the tip jar after the first set. I was really pleased with it and I think we're going to be on a great trajectory for the Spring.

Today after lunch with Julia at Casa Alegre (which I had been wanting to try) I spent the afternoon at Atlas Purveyors working on the web site redesign. I chatted with Alyssa (former dojo4 designer) a bit then headed to The Spot to boulder. I'm planning to do some climbing when I go to San Francisco in two weeks, so I intend to try to get my climbing chops into shape a bit before then. The aerial fabric I think has kept up my strength and endurance pretty well. I climbed for about 90 minutes and got up some 4- spots, which is about where I was before my hiatus. So that's a good sign.

I was intending to do some more work on the web site tonight but as soon as I got home my energy dropped like a rock. So I sat on the couch and watched Portlandia and removed the nail polish that has been embarrassingly chipped for way too long. Now I'm completely beat and ready to crash.

I'm really looking forward to my upcoming San Francisco trip. I've got an AirBnb room booked and will be attending the Node Summit conference.