Peter Lyons

Exercise due to clumsiness

December 23, 2011

Just a quick note that the post before this was was post #200! W00tz!

Today was a weird but fun day. Last night I went to bed on time, meaning a full eight hours before the alarm goes off at 6:25am. Of course, I usually sleep more like 6.5 hours so I woke up a few times in the wee hours and finally gave up on further sleep around 5:30am. That meant I was coding away by 6:20 which was pretty good. We had over a foot of snow last night so I stayed home and coded in my pajamas all day. I spent about an hour shoveling snow around lunchtime. I signed off work around 5:30pm, ate some broccoli, and took a nap. Then I went to my exercise room in the basement and did a pretty good home Tabata workout with 36 individual sets. I then had to venture to the Walgreens around the corner to pick up a few things. There was a big snow drift across the entire end of my driveway from the combination of the garbage trucks and the plow. I almost got the car stuck in the street right at the end of my driveway (I can hear another engine throttling on my street now as I type). I had to get a shovel, dig out a big, go back into the driveway, and then back out really fast to clear the snow drift.

When I got to Walgreens my car door wouldn't lock, but I didn't think much of it and went in anyway. I've got a wireless car key thing that allows me to leave the key in my pocket and still operate the doors and ignition. I just figured it was flaky. I grabbed some stuff in Walgreens and headed back to the car. It wouldn't start and the dash displayed the "key missing" warning icon. Crap. The key was no longer in my pajama pants pocket. Unlike my normal everyday pants, these pockets have no zippers and thus are prone to things falling out. Crap. I went back into the Walgreens and searched there. Nope. I searched the ground around the car. Nope. I looked in the car on the seat. Nope. My thought was they must have fallen out while I was shoveling and are probably sitting in a snow bank at the end of my driveway. My house is only 10 blocks away or so, so I just decided to jog home and get my spare keys. I was still feeling pretty good after the Tabata intervals. It was kind of fun jogging around in the snow at night like one of the kooky Colorado locals. I grabbed the spare and searched around the snow bank but didn't find the original key. So I jogged back to Walgreens and retrieved my car.

Looking around some more when I got home, I eventually found the original set of keys had fallen in the space between the seat and the center console. It's not the first time, and it's really annoying because that space is large enough for keys and pens and stuff to fall into but not large enough to fit your hand in to fish them out. Grr.

So I got a lot more exercise today with the shoveling and jogging than I was planning, which leads me to my prediction. I think tomorrow morning there's a chance I will weigh in at my lowest adult weight. Current record is 137.2 pounds and this morning I was 138.4. I've found a pretty sustainable pattern where I eat healthy slow-carb meals Monday through Friday (except lunch Monday which is provided by Dojo4 and always off-diet) and then eat whatever Friday evening and the weekend, sometimes defining "whatever" as seriously bingey things like half a domino's pizza and an entire order of cinnastix. I have a 3 or 4 pound swing each week between true minimum and up a few pounds.

Saturday I fly home for some much-anticipated family time over the holidays.

Update Dec 23, 6:30am: Yup. Record low weight this morning. 136.6