Peter Lyons

Optimal Thanksgiving?

November 26, 2011

I just got back from a fun and delicious Thanksgiving at Cousin Dr. Annie's house in Kansas City, Missouri. The schedule aspect of it was great. Elise, Lynn, and I left from my house yesterday morning at 7am, hopped on a 9am flight, and were at Annie and Ryan's house before lunch. We flew back this afternoon, departing at 1pm and arriving home before 3pm local time. Now I have a full 2.5 day weekend at home ahead of me, which I am thrilled about. Also, the Kansas City airport is very easy. It's about thirty feet from the curb to the security line and another fifty feet after that to the gate.

Thanksgiving itself was great. We had a light salad for lunch and then went out for a walk around the neighborhood parks. It was the warmest Thanksgiving I can remember. After that we took a long nap and then it was time to make ready for the feast. Annie cooked up a beautiful turkey and all the trimmings including two different stuffing recipes. I was in the zone. I had four helpings followed by three slices of pie and absolutely no overeating discomfort. I'm not sure how I did it, but maybe the diet I've been on the past few weeks has built up a caloric debt or something. Anyway, I was an easy winner in the eat-a-ridiculous-insane-quantity-of-food contest. I felt fat, dumb, happy, and sated all evening and all night long.

The big news we got is that Annie and Ryan are expecting their first child! Hurray. We were all so happy for them and Lynn was really grateful to be there to hear the news face to face. After dinner we played two fun board games: Carcassonne and Ticket to Ride, both of which I enjoyed. Their house is really charming and they seem very happy together there.

Tomorrow night is an Afronauts gig at Shug's in downtown Boulder which should be big fun. In other music news, I sold my Eigenharp. Although I still think it has great potential, looking objectively back at the last 8 months or so I have barely touched it. Not enough time with work, 2 bands, and aerials to spend on the Eigenharp, so off it went in the box it arrived in to another sax playing web developer in Ohio. Oh and Sunday night Turtle Dove Rock played at the Dickens Opera House in Longmont. It was a fun gig and a good performance, but the sound check was pretty rough. We'd really like to get in there on a Friday night next time.