Peter Lyons

ÜberBoulder Friday

October 09, 2011

Yesterday was pretty deeply entrenched in my new lifestyle. I got up at 6:30am and blazed out into the 40 degree fall air on my bike ride to work. I have new smooth high-pressure tires on my mountain bike now, so with the front shock locked out, it's a pretty good commuter bike. It's 10.4 miles to work, the first stretch in the bike lane along Baseline Road and then most of the in-Boulder part of it is on the Boulder Creek Path. 8:30am at my office (A.K.A "The Dojo") we had yoga class. It's free and open to the community. After yoga I got changed and activated my mohawk. Then my coworker Garett and I pedaled a few blocks west on Pearl St to a client office for a meeting. Then back to the Dojo for coding the rest of the day. I was having fun with some MongoDB map/reduce and group queries. For lunch I had my baby spinach salad with chicken, garbanzo beans, raisins, sliced almonds, and Newman's Own Low Fat Sesame Ginger dressing. It's yummy. Coding in the afternoon is punctuated by tastes of Chocolove Almonds and Sea Salt in Dark Chocolate, my current addiction.

I wrapped up work at 5pm, TXTed Elise, who happened to be a block and a half away at Mountain Sun, so I joined her, Leslie (her schoolmate, not her mom), and Ray for a pint of Blackberry Wheat, a grilled cheese, and some nachos. After that I had some time to kill in Boulder before a show so I rode up to the movie theater and watched Contagion. Enjoyable but nothing special. After that I got in touch with Brenda who I was to meet at a show. We ended up driving together back to Louisville so she could take care of her dog and then back to Boulder to hear Gora Gora Orkestar at Shug's in downtown Boulder. It was a fun show and we stayed for all three sets. They have a pretty broad mix now of world music brass band stuff including Balkan, Mariachi, New Orleans, Funk, and Klezmer. The crowd was very Boulder. The dude with the full camping pack. The old yogi dude with a two foot long white beard. The goofy CU students. The parents of the CU students. The 30-something tech hipsters. The wealthy middle aged businessmen with very young girlfriends. The 20-something girls twirling poi.

After that we went to Brenda's office to deal with some fallout from the big party they had in their office that evening, and then headed home. Yup, that's pretty much a slice of my new lifestyle these days.