Peter Lyons


October 18, 2011

Caught my first Primus show tonight at the Ogden. The first set they played a bunch of the old tunes, which was great for me since I never got to see them during their original heyday. Second set they played the new album, using some old Popeye cartoons as intermission. Man, those Popeye cartoons are not that far off from Itchy and Scratchy. Anyway, it was a fun show. I can never figure out when I'm supposed to arrive at these things. Sometimes I show up at 9pm and there's like three opening acts before the headliners start at 12:30am. This time the tickets said 8:30. I arrive about 8:50 and they were already playing. I guess since it's a Monday night they didn't want to play super late. Anyway, I snagged a totally pimp parking spot right on the corner of Ogden and Colfax with a tight parallel parking slot but I spotted it, pulled a U-ey, and nestled in there on the first try. Even better, after the show the car in front of me had changed and the new guy left plenty of room so I could just zoom right out. For whatever reason the whole parking thing was particularly satisfying. Otherwise the show was crowded but I eventually made my way to a decent enough spot where I could usually see the musicians and not just be staring into the back of some dude's neck. The lighting and video display was well done. I'm looking forward to March Fourth Marching Band on Saturday.