Peter Lyons

Great but busy Thursday

October 01, 2011

Thursday I worked at my new job at Dojo4 all day, then headed to BRC for the last of my group fitness level 2 "Cry in the Dojo" classes. I am going to let my BRC membership expire for a while and do some exercise at home. I'm also going to take some Aerial Fabric classes next month. I left fitness class early to have time for a quick shower and to grab food on my way to the Open Space Store office where Robert Reich was doing a little pre-BDNT coaching session. BDNT is the Boulder Denver New Tech monthly meetup that I enjoy and have been helping them coordinate mentors for the presenters. We did some coaching but I had to leave early to get to my Afronauts gig. I stopped at the Park and Ride in Superior and picked up Travis and Alice and then we motored into downtown Denver. We were gigging at the Summit Music Hall Beer Garden event. The band before us was called the "Polkanauts" by sheer coincidence. And they even had the orange nasa coveralls on, which I had suggested for the Afronauts a while back, but my suggestion was rejected, and that turned out to be a good thing.

It was a really fun venue from the band's perspective. Night big stage high off the ground. Good lights. Smoke machines. Plenty of microphones. Also, the green room was fantastic. However, the crowd was much thinner than I was hoping for. It was still 50 or so people, but the venue can hold 400 or so. We played two short sets with a set break in between. Overall the performance was good and we had a lot of the audience up and dancing for a good chunk of it. By the time I got home it had been a very long day indeed. Friday I had a large iced mocha and was buzzing and tapping my foot pretty much all day, but it did the trick and was yummy.