Peter Lyons

Aerial Fabric, gigging at Shug's

October 17, 2011

So this week on Tuesday I started a beginning Aerial Fabric class at Aircat. I took a class last winter, but I've forgotten it all by now. The class only has two students which means I get lots of teacher attention and as much fabric time as my arms can handle. I went to the open workout sessions on Thursday and Saturday as well. It's pretty darn fun and I think I'll really enjoy it. It's a nice reversal of the male/female ratio in my work life, too. So far I've learned some basic warm-ups like pulling taffy, eggs, Christ hang, 1-2-3-4, the basic climb, the basic wrap, a hip key, and a trick called a twirly whirl. There are some former figure skaters there and they do a lot of fast spinning. That's not for me. I get motion sick if I spin too much, so I'm trying to stick to the non-spinny gymnastic type stuff.

Overall it was a pretty busy week. Our client at work is launching their first alpha, but we were ready for it. Turtle Dove is trying to get the mixing done on the recording session we did a few months ago, and we rehearsed some new songs on Tuesday night. Wednesday after work Corey and I rode over to the Next Big Sound office for Unreasonable Drinks. After an hour or so I pedaled home in the dark. It was my first after-dark commute home and I definitely need some brighter lights. It was a big bright full moon though, which helped. I picked up some better lights Thursday night and hopefully next time will be better. Otherwise I'll stick to the bus at night, but we'll see. Then we had Afronauts rehearsal Wednesday night polishing up some new tunes for our gigs this month.

The Afronauts played The Shack at Shug's Friday night. It's one of the better venues in Boulder and it was a fun show. The band was wearing all white and-or white costumes. We had an opening band called Stoned Wallabies who were a lot of fun. Folks were dancing and having a good time. They loved Stephen's big "Zombie" feature. It looks like we're going to be playing Shug's monthly, which is fantastic. We got a nice review here as well.

Saturday was another open workout at Aircat and some errand running. Then I met up with Michale and we shopped for some groceries to make some yummy Octobery soup. We cooked up a delicious soup with veggies and chicken/apple sausage. Then she trimmed up my mohawk to make it narrower and we dyed it red. It's more punk now and less almost-punk.

Lots of music happening this week, too. I'm going to see Primus tomorrow night. I've never seen them before, although I've seen Les Claypool twice. It should be fun. We'll have another Afronauts gig at the Laughing Goat Coffeehouse Friday, and then on Saturday March Fourth Marching Band is playing at the Gothic Theater on Saturday , which I'm sure will be a blast.