Peter Lyons

Pretty Good Sunday

July 11, 2011

OK, I have to chalk this day up as pretty darn good. In the morning I biked into town and had a dirt-cheap but tasty breakfast at the newly-remodeled B.O.B.S Diner. Eggs, ham, and cheese on a roll with a side of potatoes for less than $5. I then walked 11 feet over to the newly-expanded Bittersweet coffee shop, drank an iced mocha latte, and did some career planning for the fall. I drank two full cups of coffee this month. One I got with a free card from a time when Ozo Coffee in Boulder let someone else walk off with my burrito. This one I just bought out of guilt for my habit of camping for hours at a time in coffee shops using the wifi. That 2 cups is probably more than I've had in my entire previous life combined. As I understand it, the Mocha Frappuccinos I got in Hilton Head while imitating Mike Pizzi don't actually contain any coffee. Anyway, my foot was tapping for hours after that.

My coffee shopping was interrupted when my phone rang with my bandmate explaining he would be late to rehearsal. Oops, forgot about that, so I high-tailed it home and went to Broomfield for a 3.5 hour rehearsal. After that I enjoyed some left over cupcakes from yesterday's failed Afronauts gig (more on that later) and watched a Queen documentary on NetFlix instant. Tonight I'm hoping to do some work on Othenticate. Overall a pretty good day.

Yesterday The Afronauts went up Coal Creek Canyon for a gig. We got the whole band up their with our gear. We set up all the instruments and equipment under two tiny tents. Right as we were about ready to sound check it started to drizzle. There were clear skies in site so we figured we'd just wait it out. Ten minutes later the drizzle turned into a downpour and high winds picked up. A small river began to flow across the stage area. We had to scramble to quickly get all the gear indoors. Most of us ended up soaking wet and cold. We've had four gigs so far and two of them have been canceled at the last minute due to rain. No more outdoor gigs for us I think! On the plus side they had a ton of delicious cupcakes and a giant cake shaped like an alligator.