Peter Lyons


June 26, 2011

Things have been humming along here in "normal" mode for a few weeks. This spring and summer so far I've had Afronauts rehearsal on Wednesday night, so I could never make the Wednesday night mountain bike group ride. But we have 2 weeks this month where band members are out of town so no rehearsals. So two weeks ago I went and rode North Table Mesa with the group, which I had never ridden. The start is the longest, steepest hill I have ever ridden. Then there's some narrow single track around the top of the mesa and then a fun descent. Afterward we went to Woody's in Golden for buffet pizza. I had never been to downtown Golden before. It's actually really nice and cute. This week we rode Walker Ranch, which has quite a few technical or steep spots I had to walk, but it was still a fun ride.

Last week on Thursday was another Denver Hack Nite meetup. Attendance was a bit low but we enjoyed hanging out on their outdoor patio and relaxing. I got some good input on my Othenticate project. On Saturday there was a guided tour of bouldering crags on Flagstaff mountain, which was great for me since I don't know where anything is. Sunday I met up with Stephanie and Terry to boulder indoors at the spot. We did some fun routes, including the video below, but I eventually ended up tearing a callous off my hand which took a few days to heal before I could climb again.

I've been practicing for The Afronauts debut Boulder gig this Wednesday on Pearl St and coding away on Othenticate. Made good progress in the past two days, which is nice. I might start working on my hexayurt for Burning Man later this afternoon. I've also made travel plans to spend some time in New Jersey at the end of July, so I'm looking forward to that. Still need to meet my new nephew Daniel in person. I'm out on my deck now under my shade umbrella enjoying the summer weather. That's all for now.