Peter Lyons

What I've Been Up To

May 29, 2011

So I haven't posted in a couple of weeks. After I got back from San Francisco, I started the outdoor climbing season officially with Jessie up at Watermark in Boulder Canyon. I haven't been climbing outside again since due to the persistently cold and rainy weather we've been having. I have been climbing in the gym a lot though. I started going to the climb/fit classes again now that I've built up enough endurance to have any hope of completing the assignment Chris gives to us. Fitness classes have been going well, too. I'm still sore from all the push-ups and jumping we did this past Thursday.

I've been rehearsing a lot in the evenings. The Afronauts were supposed to have our first gig two Saturdays again for Boulder Spring Festival but that got rained out, unfortunately. However, it was our trumpet player Alice's birthday and since the gig wasn't officially canceled until moments before showtime, most of the band was already there and now had some free time, so we hung out at the Boulder Cafe, ate the cupcakes Alice baked, and ordered happy hour apps and drinks. We have another gig booked in a few weeks at Cervantes in Denver that should be a good crowd, so we're working toward that. We got some band photos taken as well. I've been trading a sax student of mine sax lessons for photography (he's a pro studio photographer), all set up via craigslist, which is fun.

My other band, the Turtle Dove Trio, is playing on Sunday in Longmont at the Dickens Opera House. We've been rehearsing with a new drummer and our sound has changed a lot. It should be a fun show.

I've also finally settled on a business idea that seems to fit my extensive criteria and I'm happily coding away on it. I'm hoping to have some semi-decent prototype to show off when I head to Las Vegas the week after next for Micro Conf. A buddy of mine from Denver is going as well, so hopefully we'll have some fun while we're there as well.

This week Thursday and Friday were very Boulderesque. I was planning to work heads-down most of the day Thursday, but I eventually decided to go hike up to the Royal Arch in Chautauqua Park with Lynette and then head from there directly to fitness class. Friday I skied at A-Basin with Big Wave Lew (who is now back in town for the summer, yay). I've never skied this late in the season before. It was a fun experience, but it was cloudy so not nearly as warm as I was hoping. My calves are definitely sore today, though. This weekend is also the Boulder Creek Festival, which I'm planning to check out on Monday with Michale, which should be fun.