Peter Lyons


April 18, 2011

Today was overall a very fun day. In the morning I coded a bit in preparation for a meetup next week where I will be presenting a new framework I've learned and hopefully helping folks do some work in it. Then it was in to Boulder to work on SparkRelief. We had our developer meeting and then did some coding. After that I went to Bay Leaf on Pearl St to restock my stash of Chocolove chocolate bars (dark chocolate with almonds and sea salt is my current addiction). I cruised by The Cup to inquire about their open mic night tomorrow. Matt the guitarist and singer from my new blues trio and I are going to play duets there tomorrow night.

Then it was off to the climbing gym with my new climbing partner Jessie. I climbed four days this week and it showed today. My forearms were pretty tired, and I was too, so after climbing I took a long nap on the couch at BRC. Then it was back into downtown Boulder. We had lovely Spring weather and I had my bari in the car for the open mic we were planning to play today but couldn't get a slot, so I busted out the bari on Pearl St. for a little while. It was fun and I'm pretty sure there were a few never-heard-a-bari-before folks who passed by. After gathering up my four dollar bills and smattering of quarters, it was back to The Cup for some more coffee shop coding. Stayed almost until closing and then came home and watched 25th Hour, which I thought was really well done and engaging.

In other news, this week my assistant George finally finished and installed the CD shelves he built for me. Initially, he promised to have them done, by Christmas, but better late than never. Now I finally have all my CDs out and available in their jewel cases and God intended. Hurray!