Peter Lyons

Dirt Bike Alley

April 10, 2011

I finally got around to trying out the new Superior Bike Park this afternoon. When I was a boy, riding bikes was one of my favorite activities. We lived near a river, and on the far side between the river and the dikes by the road was a small circular dirt path with a few jumps built up called "dirt bike alley". This was a really fun spot to visit. These locations have gone mainstream these days, with an adult-sanctioned skate park in Louisville and now this bike park in Superior. There are usually some pretty impressive tricksters to be seen. I had fun moseying around the beginner area populated by small children, some literally still using training wheels. If I were a parent, I would think that independence from training wheels would logically come before riding up and down giant dirt ramps, but I guess not everyone sees it that way.

After the group of intimidating teenage acrobats pedaled away, I took a few trips through the advanced course. I have to say, kid or adult, this is a pretty fun activity. Build some hills in the dirt. Ride your bike over them. What more do you want?

There's another one in Golden that I'll try soon and they are working on one in the Valmont area of Boulder.